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This plan has been designed with electric vehicles in mind

If you’d like to drive a new electric vehicle and have your servicing needs covered, without the hassle of ownership

What is Lease&Care?

How does Lease&Care work?

It all starts by choosing your vehicle and agreeing four things:

1) Your annual mileage

2) Your initial rental

3) How long you want to keep the vehicle (between 2 and 4 years)

4) A Care Package – this covers a level of servicing and maintenance that suits you. There are 3 packages:

  • Small – Covering servicing
  • Medium – Covering servicing and maintenance
  • Large – Covering servicing, maintenance and tyres.

You’ll make one payment each month throughout your agreement which covers all of this.

At the end of your agreement, the finance company will collect your vehicle and give it a thorough check for wear and tear, as well as confirming your mileage. If you’ve gone over the expected mileage or there’s any damage to the car, you may have to pay additional charges.

Things to consider with a Lease&Care agreement

Care Packages
Your agreement allows you to choose a care package which provides you with enough cover to suit your driving style and provide you with peace of mind. If you choose the Large care package, the only things you need to pay for are insurance and fuel.

Electric Vehicle peace of mind
Lease&Care gives you the chance to change your vehicle every few years. Many consumers worry about the future value of electric vehicles, but you don’t need to worry with Lease&Care as you’ll hand it back at the end of the contract so you can enjoy driving it.

Fixed monthly costs
As you choose the care package that suits you many of your costs are built into your monthly rentals, which means your motoring costs are fixed and manageable.

Something to bear in mind
When you take out a Lease&Care agreement, you never actually own the vehicle. Plus, ending your contract early can be expensive as you’re usually committed to paying all or most of your monthly payments, even if your circumstances change.

A Volkswagen Group Product
Lease&Care is bespoke to Volkswagen Group Brands, and is designed specifically for their vehicles. Currently it is avaliable on the new Volkswagen ID.3 - and you can find out more on the Volkswagen electric vehicle pages. 

What is the difference between Lease&Care and PCP?
Lease&Care is a hire agreement and you don't get the option of buying the car at the end of the agreement. With PCP the opposite is true, it is a purchase plan so you get the option to buy at the end of the agreement.

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