A vital part of vehicle ownership or financing is keeping your car in roadworthy condition. Regular servicing, no matter the make or age of your car is important. If you’ve taken your car out using dealer finance you will be required to keep on top of vehicle servicing. Something however that’s often confused is that due to the car being taken out using dealer finance, the brand dealer must service your car. Myth & Buster dive into this topic to help you understand the truth and to unravel this misconception!

Servicing may seem pricey, but in the long run it could save you a considerable amount of money. To learn more about getting your car serviced, head over to  our Getting Your Car Serviced page - part of our Looking After Your Car section.

To see Myth & Buster break apart this topic, visit our YouTube channel and watch the Myth & Buster Dealer Servicing video!